Dion Archibald - Australian Artist

Contemporary Australian Painter

self portrait - dion archibald

artist statement
My art is about a personal exploration of the subject and the materials used to create the work. Regardless of whether the subject is something as mundane as a toothbrush or as awe inspiring as the beauty of nature, it has to speak to me in some way. I have to feel an empathy towards the subject and desire to form a relationship with it, as inevitably I am affected by the feeling or mood of the subject. My paintings evolve organically from life's everyday glances. Rather than trying to force my will on them, I give them total control. Each layer determines and guides the next. My paintings are a dialogue between giving and taking. I don't want to sign the work until it looks like it has been lived on, until I have violated the open white space and created something that can become independent of me and fend for itself.

Dion Archibald

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brief artist biography

Travelled to Riga, Latvia (winter)
Group exhibition at Studio 48, Newcastle.

Travelled to Riga, Latvia.
Solo Exhibition at Newcastle Art Space.

Art collectors from USA, UK, Europe, Turkey, and Asia have been purchasing work online.
Work profiled in the Artist's Palette magazine.
Artist Interview and Profile at ArtQuotes.net

Still Life Painting Demonstration Painting Demonstration - 5 step demonstration of a still life oil painting from 2003.

Working on the Newcastle series after returning to Australia.
www.dionarchibald.com came online.

Started work on the Turkish series of paintings after third visit to Turkey.

Visited Turkey for the first time. Stayed in Istanbul and travelled to many places along the west coast.

Studied Visual Art at the University of Newcastle.

Studied Fine Arts at the TAFE College in Newcastle, Australia.

Born in Maitland NSW Australia.