Latest Paintings - Dion Archibald
As new paintings are photographed and scanned they will be placed on this page. I generally add new works about once or twice each month.

This painting is from Taronga Park Zoo, looking out over the harbour, where the Opera House and Harbour Bridge can be see.

Painting of a view from the Sydney Centrepoint Tower.

Sydney City is a small pen drawing looking out over Sydney Harbour to the famous city skyline. This is the first work of a series of paintings that focus on Sydney.

Newcastle City is a large diptych on canvas.

Nude Emotion 1,2, and 3. This work isn't a triptych, even though they kind of fit together and were painted at the same time. They are just 3 different views of the one subject.

man walking - oil painting
Man walking out to the light house in Newcastle.

fog over newcastle - oil painting
Fog over Newcastle is a view looking out from the Fishing Coop in thick fog.

newcastle tug boat - oil painting
Newcastle Tug Boat is an expressionist view of Newcastle harbor, with a tug boat coming in to dock. I like unrefined looking paintings, and this one fits into the "unrefined" category.

newcastle view - oil painting
Another view of Newcastle city and the beach. I've done several works from this point.


Paintings by series
Surf & City - Newcastle Australia - Includes Landscapes, Portraits, Cityscapes, and Beach Scenes Surf & City - 2002/03 Newcastle series of paintings, capturing the people & places of Newcastle, Australia.
paintings from turkey 01-02 - Portraits, Landscapes, Cityscapes,  and Street Scenes Turkish works - 2001/02 Paintings & drawings of the ancient & exotic land of Turkey (Turkiye).
still life, interiors, portraits  99-00 Around Home - 99/2000 Still life and portrait oil paintings from around home.

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