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Includes a listing of Expressionist Artists Online. (Several forms of expressionism: raw expressionism, expressive figurative work, naive art, and outsider art)

  • Archibald, Dion - Australian Artist. Contemporary Paintings and Drawings; Still life, Landscape, Cityscape, Portraits.
  • Garton, Shane - Australian Artist. Expressionist artist using several mediums and styles.
  • Lisitsa, Lana - American Artist. Expressive figurative works filled with emotion.
  • Moore, Martin Stuart - United Kingdom Artist. Detailed cityscape and townscape paintings.
  • O Croidheainh, Caoimhghin - Irish Painter. Irish artist who has exhibited widely around Ireland. His work consists of drawings and paintings and features local scenes as well as images from his travels to the west of Ireland and abroad.
  • O'Malley, Leith - Australian Painter. Paintings include the "Jazz is Art, Art is Jazz" series.
  • Shah, Moin - Pakistan. Contemporary artist painting with layers of emotion.
  • American Artist. Urban themes in minimal colours.
  • Sughi, Alberto - Italian. Leading contemporary Italian painter with a portfolio of figurative works displayed online.
  • Submit Expressionist Artist Site - Submit your expressionist art website to the artists resources directory online.

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