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Includes a listing of Australian Artists Online. (Artists working in all styles and mediums that live and work in Australia.)

  • Dion Archibald - Australian Artist. Contemporary Paintings and Drawings; Still life, Landscape, Cityscape, Portraits.
  • Garton, Shane - Australian Artist. Expressionist artist using several mediums and styles.
  • McIrvine, Neil - Australian Art. Contemporary figurative paintings filled with texture and emotion.
  • Australian Painter. Online gallery of Australian artist, creating landscape oils on canvas, featuring 'about the artist', collections and exhibitions information.
  • O'Malley, Leith - Australian Painter. Paintings include the "Jazz is Art, Art is Jazz" series.
  • Australian Artist. Contemporary landscape painter based in Brisbane Australia.
  • Submit Australian Artist Site - Submit your Australian art website to the artists resources directory online.

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