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Includes a listing of Contemporary Artists Online. (Several forms of contemporary art: pop art, figurative, naive artists, minimal, etc)

  • Dion Archibald - Australian Artist. Contemporary Paintings and Drawings; Still life, Landscape, Cityscape, Portraits.
  • Biryukoff, Alexei - Russia. Contemporary figurative artist from Russia who creates conceptual projects that include large scale paintings, sound, performances and installations.
  • Bruin, Randolf - Netherlands. Contemporary Dutch artist working with figurative and abstract themes.
  • Hodgson, Sharon - Canadian Artist. Brightly colored figurative paintings by a contemporary artist in Nova Scotia.
  • Hutton, Tara - America. Portfolio of original artwork that captures the spirit of the art deco era.
  • Lisitsa, Lana - American Artist. Expressive figurative works filled with emotion.
  • McIrvine, Neil - Australian Art. Contemporary figurative paintings filled with texture and emotion.
  • American Artist. Self taught expressionist artist creating raw figurative paintings.
  • Moore, Martin Stuart - United Kingdom Artist. Detailed cityscape and townscape paintings.
  • American Painter. Pop artist with paintings you just want to hang on your walls!
  • America. Russian born artist with a selection of contemporary figurative paintings.
  • O'Malley, Leith - Australian Painter. Paintings include the "Jazz is Art, Art is Jazz" series.
  • Paul, Linda - United States Artist. Interiors, vineyards and still lifes at the Linda Paul Studio.
  • US Artist. Contemporary American painter with a cubist leaning.
  • Shah, Moin - Pakistan. Contemporary artist painting with layers of emotion.
  • American Artist. Urban themes in minimal colors by an American female artist.
  • Sughi, Alberto - Italian. Leading contemporary Italian painter with a portfolio of figurative works displayed online.
  • Australian Artist. Contemporary landscape painter based in the state of Brisbane in Australia.
  • Bulgarian Artist. Contemporary artist with an online portfolio of paintings and graphic works.
  • Submit Contemporary Artist Site - Submit your contemporary art website to the artists resources directory online.

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