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Includes a listing of Famous Artists Online. (Famous artists from art history, includes master painters from major art movements, and artists that have been extensively published worldwide.)

  • Bacon, Francis - 1909/1992 Famous British Painter. This web site has excellent images and lots of information on Bacon.
  • Buffet, Bernard - 1928/1999 Famous French Painter. Site in english and french with an excellent selection of images, photos, and information on the artist!
  • Fischl, Eric - born 1948 Famous American Painter. Nice site with information on the arist and a good selection of images.
  • Haring, Keith - 1958/1990 Famous American Artist. Lots of information on the pop/grafitti artist.
  • Modigliani, Amedeo - 1884/1920 Italian painter. Great artist with a troubled life. Nice site too.
  • Morandi, Giorgio - 1890/1964 Italian Still Life painter. A painter of still life.
  • Picasso, Pablo - 1881/1973 Good selection of paintings spanning the career of the famous Spanish artist and painter Pablo Picasso.
  • Schiele, Egon - 1890/1918 The Egon Schiele Studio in the Czeck Republic. Includes a selection of International artists exhibiting work.
  • Van Gogh, Vincent - 1853/1890 Famous Dutch genius!. This site is great for anyone interested in Vincent (everyone?!). So many images.
  • Whiteley, Brett - 1939/1992 Famous Australian artist/ painter. Brief introduction to the life and times of Whiteley.
  • Williams, Fred - 1927/1982 Australian painter. A nice little summary of works spanning the career of Fred Williams.
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